DJ Peaceful

        U.S. based Peaceful (real name Hunter Barker) resides in the vibrant city of Charlotte, NC. He has always had a deep running passion for all things music and has been honing his craft as a DJ since 2003, with countless influences along the way. His multi-genre sets and relentless dedication to delivering quality underground dance music to the masses are rivaled by few in the dance music industry today.

        With Peaceful in the driver’s seat, he delivers Broken Beat centered sets that touch on a multitude of different genres such as Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop, Progressive Breaks, Funky Breakbeat, Chillout, Downtempo, Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass, Ambient and other groundbreaking forms of electronic music. His sets are setup to blend the best of the best in those eclectic styles and keep you guessing as to what will be coming next.

        In this EDM revolution that has captured the imagination of a new generation of music lovers, Peaceful will continue to release fresh mix sets in an effort to expand the global imprint of the many different forms of Broken Beat music. The adventure continues while the beat goes on.

Dj Peaceful Sign